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CLARENS TOURISM FORUM   NEW CLARENS VISITORS’ MAP As promised at the launch of the Clarens Visitors’ Map, Phase 2 is about to be launched in a bigger format. A2 Folded down to a convenient DL size containing much more information. At a glance you will see all of the attractions and activities on offer as well as the art route, business hub and medical facilities. Because of the bigger format, the lead page advertisements will be better displayed in slightly larger spaces. A photo competition is currently underway for a typical Clarens picture to feature on the front ‘flap’ with full credit to the photographer. Visit the CTF’s fb page and Twitter @ClarensTourism to enter your picture with the #CLARENSMAP2016 caption. The back ‘flap’ will have a listing of all the emergency contact numbers, i.e. doctor, pharmacy, nursing services, fire, police, ambulance, etc. Also featured on the reverse side is an expanded map taking in the surrounding areas (our neighbours) and a full listing of CTF members with contact numbers. There still is a limited number of spaces available on the reverse side of the map. These spaces are 46mm(w) x 30mm(h) at the nominal cost of R400,00 per block. Detmar Ruhfus will assist with design if needed at R180,00 a pop. Contact him at The new map will be going to print during the 2nd half of November to have them ready for the December rush. Thereafter the map will be printed annually. So folks, get signed up with the CTF at a minimum of R100,00 / month paid up front for a period of 6 months which gives you a discount of 8% or 12 months with a discount of 12%. For your convenience we have attached membership applications forms.   BULK BROCHURE PRINT Again, an offer exclusive to all CTF members. Full colour DL size gloss print brochure leaflet, double sided, at the amazing cost of R370,00 for 1000 leaflets including VAT. The design costs are excluded. If you need assistance in this regard, please contact Detmar Ruhfus who will assist and quote you on design/layout for your brochure leaflet. The printing requirement for this amazing price is that the brochure leaflets be printed in batches of 12 which means 12 batches of 1000 brochure leaflets. This will also form part of a future project to be launched in 2016……. Watch this space! All you have to do to participate in this wonderful offer is to join the CTF! See details above and attachment for application forms. Contact persons: Ollie Esplin: 0825636242                                             Valerie Kneppert: 0798731318 Nic Prinsloo: 0832678391                                             Tammy Hancock: 082824
VIR NUWE INWONERS VAN CLARENS FOR NEWLY ARRIVED INHABITANTS OF CLARENS   AKTIWITEITE EN KLUBS IN CLARENS ACTIVITIES AND CLUBS IN CLARENS   KERKE / CHURCHES   NG Kerk:                              Eredienste op Sondae 09:30 in kerkgebou in die Hoofstraat Vir ander aktiwiteite (Bybelstudies, ens) inligting by Kerkkantoor (Maandag  en Donderdagoggend, tel 058-256-1341, Lizette le Grange) Methodist Church:          Church building c/o Bester and Roos streets Worship services on 1st, 2nd and 4th Sundays at 10:30 Information: Bernie Platte, 058-256-1208 Anglican Church:              Worship on 3rd and 5th Sundays at 10:30 in Methodist Church Contact: Richard Koch, 058-256-1020 Various other Churches meet in Kgubetswana on Sundays. Contact Tshepong, 058-256-1268   KLUBS / ACTIVITIES   Boekklub:                            Kontak: Len Jennings, 058-256-1382 BoekNook:                         Library in upstairs level of Methodist hall Hours: Tuesdays 10:00-12:00, Thursdays 14:00-16:00 Kontak: Helen Pretorius, 058-256-1067 Boeremark:                        Saturday mornings at Bibliophile, Kerkstraat Bowling Club:                     Tuesday mornings at Sunnyside Contact: Diana Reed, 058-256-1045 Clarens Photographers: 1st Thursday of the month at Adit close 2, Larola Contact: Irmgard Kaiser, 058-256-1738 Film evening:                     Last Wednesday evening @ 18:30 at Trudy Clark, Market street Contact: Trudy at 058-256-1558 Friendship Club:               3rd Wednesday of the month at 14:00 in NG hall Contact: Pat Raubenheimer, 058-256-1123 Garden Club:                     Last Wednesday morning of the month Contact: Leoné du Preez, 058-256-1738 Haak-en-steek klub:       Allerhande naaldwerk. Kontak: Marna du Toit, Hiking Club:                        3rd Saturday morning of the month, meet in front of NG Kerk at 07:00 Contact: Dave Bunn, 058-256-1400 Klopse:                                 Laaste Maandagaand van die maand om 18:30 in die Methodiste saal Kontak: Dons Kritzinger, 058-256-1179 Music Evening:                  1st Wednesday of the month at 18:30 at Nellie Hugo, The Ridge (Classic)                                Contact: Nellie at 082-332-0913 Music Evening:                  3rd Wednesday of the month at 18:30 at Trudy Clark, Markstraat suid (Popular)                             Contact: Trudy 058-256-1558 Quilters klub:                     Kontak: Alaë Grabe, 058-256-1192 Tennis Club:                       Wednesday afternoons, courts at Berg street (Swartland) Contact: Ingrid Mousley, 058-256-1098     GEMEENSKAPSORGANISASIES / COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS   Clarens Chamber of Commerce Clarens Fire Association (CFA) Clarens Ratepayers Association (CRA) Clarens Sector Police Forum (CSPF) Clarens Tourism Forum Clarens Village Conservancy (CVC) Cluny Animal Trust Combined Churches in Action (CCIA) Paballo Nursing Care @ Clarens Phaphama Youth Development Thusanang   More information on all these organisations is to be found at:   Information submitted by  JJ Kritzinger &n
Hunters Pub My first venture into a tavern and I did not know what to expect, by mid-morning we arrived at our first Tavern, Hunters Pub. As we walked into the tavern gates the first thing I noticed was how beautiful & clean the tavern was. I felt good vibes as we greeted the taverns customers and they were friendly back. When we went inside we met Mampho Mokoena, we purchased a 750ml Hansa and a 1l coke. I was shocked when I got change back, the Hansa only Cost R13 & the coke was R14. I left the boys Ben & Matt, to play a game of pool and I spoke to Mampho. Open Daily: 10:00 am- 2:00pm Owner:(Duchie-Melefetsane) 073 383 7552 Zama Zama At ZAMA ZAMA the song Tshotshi by Ringo was playing. We purchased a drink from the bar and began to socialize with the locals. Ben Played pool with Matt while I spoke to Fefe, who later introduced me to his father Motsamai and sister Mathatho. Fefe and I discussed  tavern tours and how the community could benefit. Motsamai played an exciting game against Ben and the fun began as Ben got enthusiastic about defending his title. Matt and I went outside and greeted Vincent from Highland Coffee who was surprised to see us on his day off. After talking to Vincent we made our way to the next tavern Tsamahantse. Open Daily: 10:00 am- 2:00pmOwner: (Stephen - Setona) 072 306 6914 Tsamahantse Tavern This tavern we did not stay for very long. But it did have us very impressed as from the street it does not look like much. But inside the décor, the bar was very spacious. We spoke to Madelina and some of the locals but shortly after we left to Edwards house. Open Daily: 10:00 am- 2:00pm Owner: Mawela 083 341 5919 While we were in Kgubetswana we decided to check out some of the art. We then went to visit Edward's house we learnt from Edward that he used to be a tavern tour guide and soon will be operating again with Maluti tours. After speaking to Edward we went to the Child Care Centre. Thanks to Ism-Skism Artists, the Child Care Centre is a must see of Kgubetswana. Kgubetswana is really a very special part of Clarens. Thanks to my Guides and to Toni for giving me a school trip out the Gallery.   &n
CURBING CRIME IN CLARENS WITH THE SECTOR POLICE FORUM Have you ever wondered, by way of a rhetorical question, why Clarens is comparatively crime free? To start with, look at the evidence. In December 2014/January 2015, only two crimes in Upper Clarens were brought to the attention of the Clarens SAPS: An attempted housebreaking in Collet Street and an unreported bicycle theft from the Clarens Backpackers. In a situation where close to 5000 visitors per day were strolling the streets of the village, climbing its conservancy trails or rafting its white waters, this is simply extraordinary. Granted, there was also a partially successful SAPS drug-bust at a Clarens watering hole in early January 2015; neither do these statistics take account of the situation in Kgubetswana. That said, for a tourist town on the Lesotho border, in an economic downturn, it is remarkable compared with the situation one year before: Over Christmas 2013 and New Year 2014, Clarens recorded 12 break-ins, drunk driving, domestic violence and incidences of violent confrontations in various nightclubs. Why the decline? One key reason is the presence on the Clarens streets of the Sector Police Forum (SPF) patrols (Kgali, Phillip and Patricia) as well as Stephen Vorster on mobile patrol with his mountainous dog, Fifi. This presence, part of the SAPS three-tier crime prevention structure, has contributed in no small measure to a community-led response to crime and its early prevention. The drug-bust referred to above was carried out on the strength of SPF intelligence, for example. With limited exceptions, the lack of vagrants on the Clarens Square is due to SPF vigilance and gentle persuasion. In short, this presence on the ground provides the eyes and ears so critical to early warning and detection of crime, from whatever source. The SPF essentially covers the 14 blocks of the Greater Clarens area, with one member responsible for each one of these. To do this work, and consequently suppress the incidence of crime exponentially, the SPF relies on community contributions. Ironically, as crime goes down, contributions fall; quite the opposite of what this tourist destination needs and requires. Clearly, decline in crime statistics benefits all the town’s population, from business and guest house owners to retired citizens; equally, if these rates were to rise, the impact on the town’s business would be catastrophic. It does not take a great deal of introspection or wisdom to recognise that this effort requires everyone’s support. What to do? In the first instance, everyone with the means should consider supporting the SPF in its mission to secure the town against a rise in crime. Plans are in hand for example to saturate Clarens with CCTV camera coverage as well as other surveillance methods, including the use of detection-radar. Any enquiries on making monthly contributions should be directed in the first instance to Chairperson Johan Lehman, on 083 4479925. To confirm the SPF’s intent to raise the resources required to make the fight against crime a success, it has an ambitious fund raising programme on the table. First, over Valentine’s Day (13th and 14th February) the SPF will host the Harley Owners Group, or HOGS, as they are better known. This event will be hosted off the Square, on Market Street West, and include live music until 11:00pm; there will be no road closures, parking on Church Street and ablutions facilities will be brought into Clarens. Arguably most importantly, all the drinks involved will be locally-purchased, adding some weight to the local economy. All proceeds of this weekend will go to the SPF. Second, on the 11th April, the SPF will host a Golf Day at the Clarens Golf Course, sponsored by Kia Motors and Maluti Radio. Kia is offering a Kia Picanto for a hole in one and other sponsors are required to ‘buy’ tee-boxes or greens. All proceeds go to the SPF and any enquiries may be directed to Dick Lemmer on 082 5776519. Finally, the SPF’s third annual ‘MacNollie’ event will be held again on 5 September 2015. The event involves 3 sections, the first being traditional trout fishing on the Craig Rossie lakes; the second being long-rifle target shooting at the Bokport range; and third - also at Bokport - being clay pigeon shooting. Teams of 4 from all over the country will compete, at a cost of R6,000 per team (R10,000 including accommodation and another R1,000 per head for wives). The 2014 champions hailed from Bethlehem and the runners-up from Clarens. Further details may be found on the SPF website ( and contestants will hear the results at a gala dinner concluding the competition. Again, all proceeds will go to the SPF. So, what next? The community of Clarens is enjoying an unprecedented decline in what is already a fairly crime-free environment, and to a large extent has the SPF to thank for it. If this is to continue, the SPF needs all the support it can get. It currently costs over R12,000 per month just to pay the costs of patrolling the ground, and does not take into account the capital and running costs of the surveillance systems planned for the town. You can assist in the effort to provide ‘visible-policing’ in Clarens and keep your town almost crime-free by making a contribution to the SPF. It is clearly in everyone’s interests and we urge you to join the fight against crime without delay. Click here for SPF membership   &n
Fig Jam Entertainment are in Clarens filming "The Jakes Are Missing" - a romantic comedy.   The film revolves around the Jakes family who relocate to a small town into a Witness Protection Programme after their teenage son witnesses the murder of an undercover cop. The cast and crew will be in Clarens until the 3rd February.   Look out for the following members of the cast in and around Clarens.                                             Involving the Community: I will be hosting community auditions at the end of February in Clarens to incorporate at least 20 people in the film (with speaking parts), another 250 people as part of the extras needed. We will be hosting a community braai as part of our shoot where the community will be invited to braai and be part of the film shoot. As much as possible we will be using the small businesses in Clarens to set up the film shoot and be part of making this feature film a reality. During the grand finale of the film, I would like to invite all businesses to set up their names and banners at the event so we can see them and allow for exposure of the existing brands in the film.   Premiere: The film is currently scheduled to go onto the big screen on the 19th September. Ster Kinekor will be distributing the film. 2 weeks before the film goes out, I would like to host a Red Carpet Premiere in Clarens (at the Square). An open air event where people can come and watch the film shot in their own town. The media and the cast will be invited to spend the night with the town.   Accommodation Request: We have a total of 35 crew and 20 cast that will be travelling with us to stay and film in Clarens. For the duration we are shooting here, I would need to accommodation the 35 crew and 20 cast. Clarens shoot is from the 24th March until the 7th April. (This falls in-between the 2 long weekends) A complete accommodation schedule has been handed to Jeane Hubner (the details and logistics)   Trade Exchange: I would like to offer the accommodation houses a trade exchange. Due to the nature of our production, this is a small feature film - who will dazzle the big screen. In exchange for housing the cast and the crew, I would like to offer member that comes on board a: An End credit in the film A company logo / House logo A special thanks   The film will be seen on the following platforms: On the Big Screen: The film will be shown in 40 cinemas (Sterkinor and Numetro) around the country M-NET / DSTV Box office on Demand DVD (Rentals in the stores) DVD (Selling in the stores) ETV and SABC The exposure in the film will run between 1-5 years thus the exposure for Clarens will last for this duration.   Media and Press Attending: Together with the tourism forum, we will set up a press weekend. I am going to invite the media from publications such as: Sunday Times, Top Billing, Bona Magazine, YOU Magazine, TV Plus, Family Holiday, City Press, The Mercury, ETV-Sunrise, M-Net, 3 Talk, Morning Live. The press will be here to cover the shoot of the grand finale at the Square. They will also be here to experience Clarens. The articles they publish and the interviews and cutaways done for TV shows / programmes will cover both the film and Clarens; thus generating a marketing campaign for Clarens .   I look forward to working with all partners and hope to create a fruitful relationship Regards Bianca Isaac Executive Producer Cell      : 084 619 2639 E-mail : bianca@figjamentertainment.c
PERSVERKLARING  WOORD-ENGEL deur AZETTE  WIESNER Toe jy weg is sonder woorde en net seer was oor, het ek bly soek in vers en sinne om jou naam te hoor. © WOORD-ENGEL, debuutbundel deur Azette Wiesner  het ontstaan nadat sy begin skryf het as terapie om  haar seer en rou te verwerk na die  tragiese ongeluk van haar eggenoot,  Etienne Wiesner. my vers ‘n nuwe lyf; want seer het my ‘n kans gegee om ‘n lied vir jou te skryf! Sy het haar verse op Facebook  geplaas en kort voor lank was sy ‘n enigma met meer as  60 000 vriende:  jonk, oud, veelrassig, Engelsprekend en aanhangers uit  Nederland en België is gereelde lesers van haar verse. Azette  het nog  altyd graag die poësie gelees van enkele Afrikaanse digters, en Afrikaans was een van haar vakke op universiteit. Haar  gedigte is egter intuïtief en uniek. Sy skryf sonder veel  literêre  verwysings, dit beteken egter nie dat haar werk nie raakgesien word deur kenners van die letterkunde nie.   Haar skryfstem, gebore uit haar eie intense gevoelswêreld bied vertroosting aan duisende mense wat sy aanraak  met  temas  oor  die pyn van rou , die dood en die onbeskryflike verlies van ‘n geliefde. Sonder enige sentimentaliteit en in gewone taal. Toeganklike taal met universele waarde.   maar dood groet nie en dit  sê nooit nag nie Soos reeds genoem, is die digter  ‘n besprekingspunt in die letterkundige geledere:  haar skryfstyl en die eenvoud waarmee sy haar temas leesbaar en sonder pretensie aanbied, maak haar  leesbaar en gewild by mense wat ruiterlik erken dat hulle poësie verpes het op skool.    “Werklik sielevoedsel”, noem Sandra Dewet-Vandenberg die verse in WOORD-ENGEL.   “Haar skryfstyl is uniek en vars.” Vir Dr Helena Liebenberg  bied  ‘WOORD-ENGEL ’n klankkoord  na die ewigheid waar die raaisel in die aardse spieël verklaar word deur die ligglans van die ander werklikheid. Ons ken nou ten dele, maar later sal ons ten volle weet en verstaan.’ Azette se sielsvriend,  Marius Britz wat haar bygestaan het tydens haar man, Et se afsterwe: “ Sy het vele mense se wêrelde ryker en kleuriger gemaak met die woorde wat sy giet, sodat die vaagste en verwardste roeringe van die mens se hart ‘n mooi en vaste vorm verkry.  (Soos deur Van Wyk Louw beskryf in sy denke oor groot letterkunde.)”  Dis opmerklik dat sy in dieselfde asem as een van Afrikaans se grootste digters genoem word. Azette het nooit verwag haar verse sou hierdie soort reaksies uitlok nie, en sy is waarlik nederig en  diep geraak deur die aanprysings wat aangehaal word,  maar sy is veral dankbaar teenoor haar Facebook-lesers en onderaan elke bladsy van WOORD-ENGEL verskyn ‘n aanhalings deur ‘n leser wat haar ontroer het.  ”Ek  sê ook dankie aan al die ‘anonieme’ Facebook name en gesigte op my blad AZETTIENE GEDIGTE wat ek deesdae  vriende kan noem.”  Die amptelike  bekendstelling  van WOORD-ENGEL is op  8 Augustus by die Atterbury Teater in Pretoria met ‘n optrede deur die bekroonde sangeres,  Helena Hettema. ‘n Bonus CD word saam met die digbundel verpak waarop Helena sestien toonsettings sing van lirieke/verse uit Azette se bundel:    WOORD-ENGEL deur AZETTE  WIESNER is verlede Vrydagaand  in Pretoria by die Atterbury Teater vrygtestel.  Die 400-sitplekteater was volgepak en enige skrywer sal erken dis nie maklik om net honderd gaste by ‘n boekbekendstelling te kry nie! (Tensy jou naam natuurlik Marita vd Vyver is en Elzabe Zietsman saam op die verhoog is met  haar fenomenale sangstem en persoonlikheid!) Die naam Azette Wiesner was tot dusver miskien onbekend in die Afrikaanse letterkundige wêreld, maar sy is ‘n nuwe digter met ‘n slag vir die woord en emosie wat uniek tot elke leser spreek:  sy word gelees deur letterkundiges en mense wat openlik erken hulle het poësie op skool gehaat.  Sy het ‘n groot aanhang op Facebook wat ook ‘n aanduiding is van haar gewildheid as woordkunstenaar.    “Woord-Engel” word verpak met ‘n bonus CD,  HETTEMA SING WIESNER,  waarop Helena Hettema sestien toonsettings (deur Lieze Stassen) van Azette se gedigte sing.   Helena het die gehoor aan haar voete gehad met die bekendstelling van die bundel.     Vier kunstenaars het uittreksels uit haar verse voorgelees,  lang toesprake is vermy en dit was ‘n aand van teater- en woordgenot!   Die inspirasie vir die bundel het egter nie agterweë gebly nie.  “Woord-Engel” is opgedra aan Azette se man, wat twee jaar gelede in ‘n skietongeluk oorlede is. Azette en Helena is beskikbaar vir onderhoude en fotos. Uitgereik: Azettienne kantoor: 01767342788 vir enige navrae of bestellings:  e-pos: of kontak Christo 083 894 5107 , Jaco  082 359 3885 Hier staan sy skoene dan - net sy voete kort. Sy weet: ook haar huil is nou gekis.