Phaphama Youth Development 187, Kgubetswana, Clarens Contact: Ntsebe Mofokeng @ 078 245 1709 during office hours, or email: We strive to serve the poorest of the poor, with no thought of who deserves help, but only who needs help! Phaphama Youth Development is a NONPROFIT Organisation (068 – 735) and PBO (930037537) which was established in 2008 and registered in 2009 to respond to the community health and welfare needs. Our offices are based in 187 Kgubetswana in Clarens. The organisation operates in Clarens and nearby towns subject to demand of the service. We strive to serve the poorest of the poor, with no thought of who deserves help, but only who needs help! We are offering the following services in Clarens and other towns within Dihlabeng Local Municipality: - Identification and services to Orphans & Vulnerable Children focusing on ECD - Education and Life Skills: Career guidance and exhibitions - Development Take a child to work programme/job shadowing - Poverty alleviation: Chicken broiler, Hydroponics Vegetables project and Vermiculture bins. - Community Development and advocacy - Behaviour Change and Educational Youth Camps - Team Building Sessions and Motivational Seminars We believe that the context in which we are operating makes such a project imperative. The emphasis on community-based projects makes it likely that the project will be sustainable at community level. Through your donations/funding we at PYD will provide youth basic needs programmes which inspire and encourage young people giving them a new outlook on life. Your contribution will go a long way in bringing about hope and change in childrens lives. Banking details: Bank Name: First National Bank Name of account: Phaphama Youth development Account Number: 62390469081 Branch: Bethlehem Branch code: 230 133 Kind regards Ntsebe Mofokeng   News Items Christmas Party 2014 Clarens News:  July 2014:  Paphama Youth Development commemorates Mandela Day Clarens News:  May 2014                         April 20
Thusanang is a non profit organisation rendering the following services: Home Based Care, HIV / AIDS awareness, Orphan and Vulnerable Children programme – free of charge to the community. Non-Profit Organisation Number: 057-128 Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930028124 Section 21 Company Number: Trust Number: Contact person: Bukhali Khehla Phone: 058 256 1645 Fax: 058 256 1645 Physical address: 187 Old Clinic Building Postal address: P O Box 397, Clarens, 9707 Website: News Items: The Footprint project A visit to the Thusanang Care Gro
    The wonderful work of the Thusanang Care Group Centre seems to be ever expanding, inspiring and helping so many along the way. On Friday 18 October 2013 the Daljosafat Farm School, situated 20km from Clarens on the Bethlehem road, gratefully accepted the compassion and help showered upon them by the care group. The Footprint Project, run by the Thusanang Care Group, aims to alleviate the needs of local and surrounding schools by supplying them with school material, stationary and school uniforms, funds permitting. Furthermore the care group gathers the necessary information to establish why children in the community are not attending school and what the primary cause of their absence is. The Footprint project will then determine where help is needed most and what can be done to provide the much-needed education. With funds raised during the Community Braai, the Thusanang Care Group thought it well to invest the money in schools in and around Clarens, by providing them with much needed school shoes. The Daljosafat Farm School was established in 1970 and now has a total of 57 students ranging from Grade R to Grade Seven. The Thusanang Care Group visited the school with much excitement. Educational games were played, national dances were danced and all sang together as the joy of the day filled the air. The main event of the day left many with a grateful heart as Thusanang provided the children with a rare gift - shiny new shoes and hotdogs for all baked proudly by the Thusanang bakery. A total of 45 pairs of shoes will be distributed and the First National Bank kindly donated ten extra pairs to ensure that all in need will be reached. Thusanang has built strong relationships with many schools, hosting motivational talks covering subjects such as self-discipline, teenage pregnancy and abuse. Keep an eye out for news on their Sewing Project that will make and sell Proudly Clarens Clothes. Article by Genevieve Blignaut           Click here to find out more about  the Thusanang Care Group &n
On the land of the Uniting Reformed Church in Kgubetswana proudly stands the newly completed Tshepong a “place of hope”. The building includes a large multi-purpose hall with kitchen, toilets and washing facilities at one end, and smaller meeting rooms at the other. Adjacent to this hall are two container buildings, the one refurbished as a creche, and the other housing two offices. The facilities houses jointly the Bana ba Hlokang feeding scheme as well as programmes of the Cave Church. The Place of Hope has become a hive of activity where the different church communities through various programmes cooperate in giving hope to especially the youth of our area. It is a wonderful story of how all this came about. It started as the miraculous coming together of the Churches of Clarens into a registered non-profit organisation called Combined Churches in Action (CCIA). What was impossible for an individual Church to do now became possible by working as a team. CCIA is already involved in many positive initiatives around town, among which is the wonderful Bana ba Hlokang (Children in Need) feeding and upliftment programme which,  for the past few years, had been housed in a temporary shelter on the grounds of Ithumeleng Clinic. Because CCIA is already involved in a variety of educational, health, socio-economic and religious outreach programmes in the community, Tshepong certainly makes it possible for all these projects to function even better.   Click here For more information on this story. The Centre is being given direction by a representative group of “Trustees”, and run by a Management Committee representing the Churches and Actions of CCIA The huge building has been possible through the amazing goodwill of the community of Clarens as well as people elsewhere who have enabled Churches in Action to erect this Place of Hope Donations to Tshepong:Bank Details:  ABSA Bank: Bethlehem,  Branch Code:  502233, Account Name:  CCIA  BANA,  Account Number: 406728694 Contact details:  Phone (27) 058 256 1126e-mail: News Items Tshepong - A Place of Hope Tshepong Christmas Party 20
  The Clarens Village Nature Reserve which covers a large area running along the western edge of the town and includes mountain, grassland, river streams and a dam, is managed by the Clarens Village Conservancy together with the Dihlabeng Municipality in accordance with sound environmental principles. Hikers and picnickers are invited to enjoy this environment at no charge (provided they respect the rules: no littering, harvesting of plants, lighting of fires, or use of motorised vehicles of any kind.) Mountain bikers, however, need to buy permits (available from Clarens Xtreme, 530 Sias Oosthuizen Street) the proceeds of which go towards maintenance of the trails.   (Read the Clarens Village Conservancy monthly reports at the bottom of this page for more information on work and activities in the Nature Reserve.) Hiking Trails:   The trails are well marked and maps of the trails are  available from Bibliophile, Protea Hotel, Maluti Tours, Mountain Odyssey, Old Stone Bottle Store, and The Village Grocer. Trails vary from moderately difficult to very easy, and  give hikers the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of habitats (from riverside forests to mountain plateaus), birds,  and plants ranging from hardy mountain succulents to lush riverside sedges alongside pristine grasslands studded with wild flowers.  Click here to see some of the plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve - a collection of articles which feature in the Clarens News newsletters. Scilla Walk (easy 2.4 km): The name is derived from the blue-flowering Scilla (Merwilla plumbea), a protected species found in parts of the nature reserve. Kloof Mountain Trail (moderate: 3.4km) There is some initial climbing but the path across the summit is relatively easy, whilst the lower contour path is slightly more challenging. Stunning views. Kloof Dam Walk (easy: 1,2 km) The Kloof Dam is a popular fishing and swimming spot for locals. This easy walk continues past the dam to the Kloof where there is a pretty waterfall in summer. Leucosidea Trail (easy: 2.2km) An easy walk past the Kloof dam and surrounds. An abundance of spring and summer flowering plants occur in this area. Mallen Walk (moderately easy: 1,1km) The Mallen walk involves some initial climbing followed by an almost level contour path. Recommended walk for day visitors. The trail joins both the Kloof Mountain Trail and the Spruit walk, making for easy further exploration. Spruit Walk (easy: 2,5km)  This popular walk follows the Clarens spruit through ouhout scrub forest, Lombardy poplar and cypress plantations all the way to the Kloof dam. Porcupine Trail (easy: 3.5km) A looping trail which connects the Leucosidea and Kloof Mountain Trails. Enjoy sandstone outcrops and overhangs, open grassland and a wide variety of birdlife. Titanic Walk (moderate: 2km) An easy walk until you get to the final climb – which is not recommended for inexperienced hikers. Good views of Titanic and the surrounding area. Sky Contour Path: (3.4km) Ideal for the energetic and enthusiastic.  (2 hours) Caracal Contour (5.2km) The vistas are simply stunning. Highly recommended:   Go on a guided tour with the Clarens Village Nature Reserve Rangers: Phone: 076 8338910 /  060 307 1489 News Items: Plants found in the Nature Reserve (A collection of articles written by CVC head ranger Damien Coulson for the Clarens News newsletters.) CVC Reports.  Lots of information on what's happening in the Nature Reserve (along with info on environmental education and the recycling centre)   &n
Clarens Recycling Centre Fouriesburg Road, Clarens Contact:  Evon Els:   073-708-7832 The Clarens Recycling Centre in managed by the Clarens Village Conservancy. Prior to the 26th of August of last year, our pint-sized recycling centre struggled along in the absence of daily management, relying on borrowed funds and causing a big headache for the C.V.C. committee. Then things changed and she happened – Mrs Evon Els, a recent inclusion in the Clarens community voiced her intention to turn things around at the rec. centre – and that she has. Fetching, sorting, bailing and transporting loads of recycled materials to their penultimate destinations is no easy – and certainly not the most pleasurable task. Yet since stepping in, the rec. centre has observed more than a quadrupling of capacity; the precision and pace with which items are sorted has increased dramatically and now up to 4 loads a day, 3 days a week may be transported. This all at personal expense and utilising personal equipment without the expectation of a salary – yet day in and day out Mrs Els is there, often before anyone else arrives and is usually the last to leave. Currently there are 3 individuals employed on a contractual basis with extra hands being brought in at peak tourism times for Clarens. Watching these individuals and their leader at work is actually most interesting and the sorting process is an educational experience for anyone with a few moments to spare. Certainly it helps develop an appreciation for the recycling process as a whole and respect for those who are involved in it. A big Thank you Evon for your team’s efforts and an extended thanks to all who already are involved in recycling in Clarens – your efforts are helping to keep the streets of Clarens clean and are definitely having a positive effect on the environment.  (Extract from "It's all about The R's" - article written by Damien Coulson for Clarens News.   Click here to read the full article) Click here for information on how, what, why and where to recycle Recycling is very much part of Environmental Education.  Click onto the Environmental Education page to see how our rangers are turning environmental education into a fun activity.   News Items Report back (Motorrad weekend) The how what, why and where It's all about the 3 R's Cleaning up Clarens Recylcing How You can He
The Clarens Village Conservancy committee considers environmental education to be a key component of the work carried out by the Conservancy, and some members (Sherri Gersh and Damien Coulson in particular) together with the rangers go to great lengths to inspire members of the community to become passionate about recycling and Conservation in general. The rangers regularly visit schools, clubs and community organisations to give talks on a wide range of subjects (everything from recycling to alien vegetation) and also take groups out on hikes and fun expeditions. One of the rangers (Even) has also hosts an Environmental Club which focuses on educating students from the township communities about environmental issues. October 2014:   CVC Report back March 2o14:  Dihlabeng Primary meets Clarens Xtreme November 2013 - Report back September 2013 - Enviromental Education - 88 Students at St Fort August 2013 - Fun Day at Clarens Xtreme with Clarens Primary School August 2013 - Fun day at Clarens Primary School  July 2013 - Clarens Primary School and Thusanang Care G
Reg No:  IT69/2011     PBO Reg No: 930039295 25 de Villiers Street, P,O Box 53, FOURIESBURG  9725 Telephone:  +27 (0)58 223 0918 E-mail: Website: or visit the facebook page The Cluny Animal Trust is an independent, non-governmental veterinary welfare organisation established in 2011 to serve the needs of animals owned by impoverished residents of the Eastern Free State.  The Trust stems from Dr Katherine Barker’s sterilisation programme, established in 2004, and is currently run from her small private veterinary clinic in Fouriesburg. The ongoing care of animals is a major part of our work. This involves sterilisation, deworming, inoculation and preventative measures against ticks and fleas. However, all veterinary procedures are available. Dr Barker has dealt with injuries suffered by animals such as wounds incurred by snares, other animal and snake bites, broken bones caused by vehicle accidents and predator attacks. Illnesses such as distemper, parvovirus and biliary are regularly encountered amongst the animals of owners too poor or ignorant to provide them with the necessary protection. We provide all owners with the information that they need to properly care for their animals. We are a small force with an enormous task.  We are really grateful for any offers of time, effort or even ideas to help us raise funds for our work, promote our cause, and to assist with our outreach projects.  Please contact us to let us know if you are available to help in any way. The cost of vaccines, deworming medication, tick and flea treatments and dips, and veterinary drugs and supplies necessary for the day-to-day work of the Trust amounts to many thousands of rands. Financial contributions are essential to ensure our ongoing projects can be sustained. YOU CAN HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE Make a donation: Banking Details:     Standard Bank    Account:    035 278 846    Branch:      Bethlehem (055 033)   CLUNY ANIMAL TRUST - FUNDRAISINGThis is our latest fundraising effort, a tiny library/bookstore. We would like to put them at guest houses, guests can then read, buy or exchange the books by putting a donation in the tin. We will exchange the selection once a month. Please leave us a message in the comments if you are interested in getting involved! Share, Share, Share with everyone that might be interested!       News Items Cluny Farm by Mary Walker   &n
Combined Curches in Action (CCIA)  came into being in Clarens during 2002.   It is a public benefit organisation (no. 930016906) and non-profit organisation (no. 044-650). Presently there are 7 projects associated with CCIA, giving attention to almost every area of concern in the needy community. Every Project Committee has to find their own funding, but the general Management Committee of CCIA undergirds and coordinates the work being done. In addition projects dealing with HIV/Aids sufferers and their families are supported. TSHEPONG CENTRE (Place of Hope) A beautiful hall with various rooms and facilities has been erected on the spacious grounds of the Uniting Reformed Church. This has become the centre for many activities related to CCIA. It is already increasingly being used and accepted as a community centre by other organisations. Click here for more about Tshepong Centre CCIA’S PROJECTS are in alphabetical order: Bana ba Hlokang (Children in Need) Some 200 orphans and vulnerable children are given a meal every weekday. This project looks holistically at the needy children, so attention is also given to their physical, educa­tional and spiritual development. In a computer room the children are exposed to educational programmes. In addition, some receive choir training, others learn to paint, etc. Click here for more information on Bana ba Hlokang Centre Ballet A number of farm and township children receive ballet training, with the discipline and physical fitness that go with it. Plans are in place to build a facility as part of Tshepong where ballet and other art programmes take place.  Click here for more information. Clarens Counselling Ministry A group of trained lay counsellors are available to provide help to any person from the community. Some have received specialised training in children’s counselling and play therapy which takes place in well-equipped rooms. The service is increasingly used by the schools and police service. Home Based Care For help and information contact 079 826 2648.   (Available 24/7) Click here for more information. Outreach Committee - On a regular basis various educational and motivational ministries are undertaken in the schools and among township youth by trained workers. - Retirement Care: Through home based care elderly people are enabled to stay in their home environment. At the same time appropriate housing and a frail care unit is being planned for those who want to stay in Clarens.  Click here for more information - Social Concerns:  The Social Concerns committee cooperates with the social worker and child care centre to see that specific needs are met. It further runs an enrichment programme called Depen­da­ble Strengths, it functions as an advocacy group on environ­mental matters, and works with other commu­nity organisations in addressing various social needs. Click here for more information  - Youth Focus:  Programmes are provided with the focus on healthy and formative activities for the youth.Click here for more information.   All Donations are Welcome: Our banking details are the following:Name: Combined Churches in Action (CCIA)Bank: ABSA Bethlehem (502 223), 22 Church Street, PO Box 23, Bethlehem 9700Swift code: ABSAZAJJCheque account number 406 227 9271   Contact Details: P.O. Box 180, Clarens, 9707 e-mail: §Contact: Dons Kritzinger 082 859 1505   Thank you and God Bless   Recent articles: Combined Churches in Action AGM: March 20